Lanikai's First Baby is Almost Here!

Beatiful Mandi Kopet, one of the Lanikai staff, is on maternity leave to have her second child ... we know it's a girl but she won't tell us her name because -- of course-- we'll all have to weigh in and comment.

This pic is from Mandi's shower this past Saturday, and the particular gift she has is chewable jewelry from Baby Showers, just down the way from Lanikai Bath and Body at Kailua Shopping Center. Please note that the chewable bracelets are Lanikai colors, and also note that it's not the only present we gave her --- we just wanted to show you the cool stuff they have for babies at our neighbor Baby Showers, and to show you that pretty soon, we will all know what Mandi's little girl is named.

Is it too much to hope for "Lanikai?"

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