Trip To The Trees

Still on our visit to San Francisco, we took a trip to the Muir Woods with naturalist Tom Martell (www.muirwoodswalkingtour.com) and four strangers-now-friends, Andrew, Melissa, Sydney and Zach. This is a picture of all of us inside a giant redwood (except Tom who took the picture).

Tom picked us up at our hotel, drove us to the woods, and off we went for a three mile hike that included lunch, provided by Tom --with table cloth, half a giant turkey sandwich each, a bite or two of churro and juice. Besides giant redwoods, we saw basil, wild cucumber, poison oak, and the first gay marriage ceremony at Muir Woods. A Park Ranger approached us on the boardwalk/trail and had us double back so as not to interfere with the marriage, which was being filmed by the local NBC station.

Tom dropped us off in Saualito where we had coffee at Lappert's (with "Mahalo! on their napkin dispensers), saw a few galleries and took the ferry back to SFO. Back at the hotel, we've rested and now we're waiting for Game 6 of the NBA finals and trying to figure out how we are going to eat dinner (no room service) and not miss a lot of the game.

Back in Hawsii, Brook has things under control at Lanikai Bath and Body, so order on line and/or visit the store at your leisure. And if you come this way, be sure to book a tour with Tom Martell.

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