Father's Day 2008

Although our Father is no longer alive, I was with my brother on Father's Day this year. I was there with him and his twins Gregory and Michele( and my friend of almost fifty years,Mac), and my heart was warmed by the love and genuine affection between them. Not that I thought there wouldn't be, but my brother's idea of raising children is far less free form than mine... and so ... I expected a 10 year old resitance to be mounting.

None was readily evident and the kids had sufficient free reign to comment subtly on parental over involvement (my opinion of course). The kids are fantastic and he gets along with them fabulously. I am going to have to post a picture of the boys,
and one of Michele because I did not capture them together.

But my mind is full of beautiful pictures, hands being held, kisses being given.
Gregory and Michele made the most delicious crepes for breakfast, with jam, or fresh berries or grown-in-their-yard Meyer lemons and sugar. As perfect and sweet as the kids who made them.

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