Kailua Radio Shack

Just a few doors down from Lanikai Bath and Body is our hometown Radio Shack, where we pop in for everything from computer ink to ipod headphones. Michelle gave Mark some really good advice on new headphones so whether he uses them to walk (as he intends) or to listen to music at his computer (as he actually does), they were an excellent purchase.

Manager Mike has been giving us advice on a variety of things, most recently security, and loss prevention. Sharp-eyed Sam (pictured here in the store) has noted some little girls nervously exiting the store having probably pilfered a small package of Lanikai bath salts. "But they are just little kids," she said to Manager Mike. "That doesn't matter", said he.

At any rate, its great to have good neighbors, and we do, all around us. Kailua is a great small town, and Kailua Shopping Center a perfect location for Lanikai Bath and Body!

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