Dad Should Take A Bath

For some reason, you don't think of Dads taking a bath. Maybe that's changed since my Dad never took a bath, and my husband only takes them when his back is sore -- but Dads should take a bath with MEBath, our super "ice cream" scoop of handmade luxury.

It takes three days to make a MEBath scoop, with essential oils being blended and shaped, blended and shaped, blended and shaped. It takes just one full bathtub with Dad in it, and a MEBath scoop fizzing into invisibility and rendering a smooth and silky experience like none he has ever had.

In James Joyce's Ulysses, Leopold Bloom referred, if I remember correctly, to his privates as Mr. Flowers because of the way it/they floated up in a garden of hair when he bathed. Mr. Flowers would have loved MEBath. So will your Dad.


fiona-h said...

"Mr. Flowers," hey? Maybe I do need to read Ulysses.

Anonymous said...

New shop is great!