This is Why

Having closed the kiosk, we are working hard on moving our store to a better location in our home town of Kailua. Our current location, adorable though it is, doesn't have walk-by traffic, and parking is incredibly difficult. When our landlord put up signs to indicate where the parking was, they were limited by city sign laws and the parking signs look like they were made for the things that lived in Agent Ks locker at the airport.

The new location, for those of you who know the area, is in Kailua Shopping Center, near our old favorite Bookends, Manuhealii, Mary Z's, Windward Jewelers and Morning Brew. In fact, we will be in the "old" Morning Brew space, because they've moved to a much larger space next door.

We can, as we did with our first store, recreate the feeling and the relaxed spirit of Lanikai -- because that is what we are all about.

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