We Love You Soliah "Charlie" Parker!

This Easter morning, without any of my grandchildren around, and children spread all over the place, I have been spending some time thinking about what other people are doing. The news is filled with Dick Cheney's Easter visit to Jerusalem, Obama's family on vacation and Hillary enjoying time with her family.

We have closed our store today, and also the kiosk at Ala Moana, so all of our employees can spend the days with their families and friends. I hope they are having fun.

Most of all I hope that this Easter season brings a new peace around the world and that people everywhere start to realize that we are all in this together. Bucky Fullers metaphor of being on a ship and then shooting holes in to the side of it was/is a real good one.

We especially send our love to everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan, everyone who is away from where they want to be ... Aloha no e au especially to Soliah "Charlie" Parker, father of Jayden and Donovan, husband of Heather, son of Randy and Zita, brother of Everett and Wilder, nephew to Dave and Brook and so much more -- we love you and can't wait until you get home!

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