Hawaii is Hot

Especially at Kilauea -- affectionately known as the "drive by volcano" because of the many years since 1980 that you could easily see an eruption from your car. Off and on during that time, Kilauea has flowed across the roads, limiting and even cutting off the drive by potential.

At this particular time, it is flowing again through a vent into the ocean --- making its way from Pu'u'o'o through a lava tube. Viewing has been variously good and bad, with the folks at Volcanoes National Park doing everything they can to make it possible for us to view nature's heat.

Coincidentally, it IS hot in Hawaii -- beautiful, sunny Hawaiian days with the sun baking down -- and it is before the middle of March.

Fire is part of our aromatherapy collection -- Fire is Energizing! Not unlike our Kilauea, it is a synergistic combination(of orange, ginger, clove and cinnamon essential oils) thats create a stimulating and revitalizing effect on the body and the mind.

P.S. Check out the volcano update from Hawaii Volcanoes Observatory: http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/volcanowatch/

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