Sunshine on My Shoulders

Beautiful days at the beach at Lanikai -- it's the middle of a cold, cold winter on the mainland -- and we are reminded of how very lucky we are. Someone recently said that the colors of Hawaii are almost pornographic in intensity. We wouldn't go that far, but it is hard to match the greens and blues of our beautiful Lanikai, and its incredibly soft sandy beach.

Today the sun was flooding our world with warmth again -- after several days of rainy skies and cool breezes. Too bad we all had to go to work, or we would have been at the beach, or in the ocean. If the cold is getting to you, book a trip to Hawaii. If you are hard at work, too, take time out to order some Lanikai Breeze pineapple lilikoi lotion -- or any of our Mango Coconut products -- and savor a little of Lanikai for yourself!

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