A Beautiful Day at Kualoa

This morning we drove out to Kualoa Ranch to introduce our friends Lisa and Robert Hadley to John Morgan. We had long thought they would enjoy each other's company, and they have a lot in common -- having come from generations of folks who invest in land and deveolp and preserve it with wisdom and care.

Kualoa is an amazingly beautiful 4,000 acres of land which includes the largest fishpond in the state (125 acres), incredible mountains and two deep valleys. As part of their stewardship of the land, John's family has created a place for outdoor adventure and eco-cultural tourism.

Some very well known movies have been filmed there -- including 50 First Dates and part of of Jurassic Park after Hurricane Iwa hit Kauai in the early 90s. Television, too, including Gilligan's Island and now, Lost.

If you come to Hawaii, or have friends who visit you here, we definitely recommend Kualoa as a must-see. This morning we saw several re-tooled (John says recycled) school buses full of happy visitors and one group of adorable children in identical sky blue t-shirts designed with a plumeria lei around their little chests. They were waving at everybody, and shouting enthusiastic hellos, full of Aloha.

Just another beautiful day in Hawaii nei...

(picture is view of Kualoa from behind and above Chinaman's Hat).

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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