Veggie Valentine

You may not "carrot" all for me
You may "turnip" your nose
When I plead with you
But if your "heart" should "beet" with mine
Forever "lettuce" hope,
There is no reason in this world
Why we two "canteloupe"

Poems like this which are written by some one named anonymous are good clues to why vegetables have never really caught on as valentine's gifts. Flowers are quite a different story...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you buy me a gift from Lanikai Bath and Body that smells like a flower,
I will always love you.

P.S. fruit bouquet not available at Lanikai Bath and Body --- but everything you need to make your valentine swoon is just waiting for you to make your selection. Online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com or at our store at 767 Kailua Road.

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