Naupaka is for Lovers

Naupaka is a delectable, fresh coconut lime verbena scent created for Kane (men) and Wahine (women) as part of Hawaii’s only all natural line of bath and body products, Lanikai Bath and Body.

Naupaka is also the delicate flower, half of which grows at the beach, and the other half in the mountains. Only by matching the flower from the mountain and the flower from the beach can you make a perfect, whole Naupaka. Hawaiian legend says that one of the Ali’i(Royalty) separated his beautiful daughter and her commoner lover, sending her forever to live in the mountains, and him to live at the sea. As they parted, they split the Naupaka flower ~ beautiful, delicate, never to be reunited...until now...

Lanikai Bath and Body’s tribute to the Hawaiian lovers is our unisex scent which brings them together again. The line includes conditioning shampoo, massage oil, exfoliating scrub, bath salts, lotion, body butter and body wash. Use them together -- as products and with each other. Valentine's Day is for lovers. So is Naupaka.

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Brylle said...

Maybe thats what makes us more inclined to certain scents because of the situation we once had associated with that scent. Especially during bath where some bath salts have scents that make you remember the days when you were still a kid.