Hawaiian Healing Salve for Colt

Aloha Warriors Fans out there ~ we are all so sorry that things didn't go better at the Super Dome. There is a reason for the phrase that someone "hangs on like a bulldog"
and that Georgia team is certainly well named. Ugh to UGA. slobbery guys that they are. (btw,at Lanikai Bath and Body we carry dog towelettes that feautre an UGA on them .. maybe we should send them to the Georgia coach).

Colt and the Warriors are still our heroes, and we want to thank them again for a wonderful season. We are going to send some of our Hawaiian Healing Salve to Colt, and we are sure that all of your good wishes and aloha for him have already been a healing salve of Hawaiian proportions.

Huge Big Incredible Aloha for the Warriors and Aloha nui au ia `oe* Colt. Ua Da Best!

* there is supposed to be a diacritical mark over the "a" in "ia" -- apologies all around.

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