It's All Good

We are super proud of our products and our people. And it's always nice to get confirmation. A special thank you to all of our customers, and to Pat Henriksen, who wrote the note below:

"I don't normally write to someone after I have received their product, but this had to be an exception. I received your products this morning, and just had to let you know how I felt.The care in which you packaged your product was very much appreciated; it was quite obvious that you really cared about how I would feel when I opened it. Your lotions are more than I ever expected them to be; I can't even begin to tell you how very special I felt when I opened them up and was able to experience the unbelievable aromas of Hawaii. This was the first time I had ordered from you, and I promise it will not be the last. Thank you so very much.

A very appreciative customer..."

Pat Henriksen
Draper, S.D.

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