We Love Being An Also Ran

Today we lost for the second time in our bid to be the Retail Merchants of Hawaii Neighborhood Retailer of the Year. But we don't mind. We were one of three finalists, for the second year in a row, and we have only been open for two years!

This year's winner was Nagasako General Store. Nagasako's is a small mom and pop store located in Lahaina town on the island of Maui. It is well known for its fresh produce and fish, and has been in business as a family business since 1919. Nagasako's is the kind of store Hawaii is known for -- the kind of store you'd be proud to go up against (and we were) and happy to see them win (we are).

We were nominated by our friend Lori Lloyd at the Kailua branch of the Bank of Hawaii, and we were seated with other Bankoh nominees including Meyvn's clothing from Kauai and Mr. and Mrs. Nagasako. When it was announced that they had won, Mrs. Nagasako was too shy to go up and receive the award but it was clear that both of them were very happy to be honored.

We are honored,too, to be a part of the great group of local retailers in Hawaii!

(pictured here is an actual Spam Musubi from Nagasako General Store, on the hood of the car rented by the guy who bought it --at 6:30 a.m. one beautiful Maui morning.)

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