Let There Be Light

At Lanikai Bath and Body, we just introduced a new line of palm wax candles in glorious tropical scents including coconut lime, sandalwood, plumeria , strawberry papaya, ginger and gardenia. The handmade 'lantern' candles are made exclusively for Lanikai Bath and Body by Lanikai resident Kent Heilbron, a massage therapist who has translated his appreciation for just the right essential oils into just the right scented candles.

Palm Wax is a hard, smooth and dry wax – less oily than the more typically used paraffin or soy waxes. Smokeless palm wax burns longer and more steadily, and will not melt in shipping (as other waxes often do) because of its higher melting point. For candle lovers, the biggest benefit comes with palm wax’s ability to absorb a higher concentration of fragrance that will keep the aroma longer.

Kent chose palm wax for his candles not only because of it’s “dry touch” advantage, but with sensitivity to the fact that it is a renewable resource. Like all Lanikai products, “all natural” is very important when it comes to the new candle line.

Each palm wax candle is unique in appearance because of the patterns that appear on the sides of the candle in the creation process. The bottom of the candle has a unique, sugary look to it -- the candles come in one size -- are round and about 2.5 " x 4". We also have 6-candle tealight packets in the same lovely fragrances.

Candles are candles are candles. Not. These candles are amazing --the way they look, the way they feel, the way they smell and the way they burn.

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