Vinnie Loves The Beach

Beautiful Lanikai and Kailua beaches are loved by everyone and their dog. Really. Our black lab Vinnie (shown here as a pup) is now five years old and has been going to the beach ever since he traveled to our house from his mom and dad's in a small box in Mark's jeep.

His favorite trip is to Lanikai Beach with Ian, who takes care to make sure he has everything Vinnie will need -- especially a bottle of water. Vinnie, it turns out, loves to meet everyone along their walk and this is a good way for Ian to scope out the chicks.

Brook and I take Vinnie walking on the beach at Kailua -- usually he is the only dog without a leash-- and he has a great time running along the edge of the water, rolling in the sand, and chatting up his fellow canines.

At home, Vinnie spends a lot of time sitting on the steps in the pool, hoping to cool off.

We introduced Lanikai Poi Dog for Vinnie and Skipper (Brook's dog) and their pals in Kailua.
We introduced it in the Year of the dog, and it's a popular seller -- along with our red doggie drying microfiber towels. Everyone and their dog loves its island mango scent and so do we! You and your best friend should try it.

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