Handmade Natural Soaps

Lanikai Bath and Body Maiden Hawaii Soaps are truly wonderful. Not only do they lather up and feel amazingly creamy, they smell great and they are long lasting. I wanted to be sure to mention them on our blog because I have just brought home another bar (pineapple coconut) and I feel so great every time I wash my face (or hands!)

According to one expert:
True soaps have a pH of between 9 and 10, which is alkaline on the pH scale (0=most acidic, 14=most alkaline). True soaps are effective cleansers because of their pH. Oils and dirt are removed from the surface of the skin and carried away by water. Natural soaps clean the surface and leave the other layers below alone so that the skin takes care of itself. Detergents that strip oils from layers deep beneath the surface of the skin can cause the body to produce a much greater amount of natural oil to make up the difference, causing skin breakouts. Natural soaps do not trigger this reaction. For most people, improvements in 'skin feel' are noticeable after a couple of days of using natural soaps, depending on how much damage the skin must repair first.

If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend them!

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