Puakenikeni ~ Light and Lovely and Perfect for Summer.

When picked, the beautiful Puakenikeni is a beautiful white blossom, shaped like a blue bell. Woven into a lei of the dreamiest smell, it eventually turns yellow and then a gorgeous golden orange.

This was one of the most prized leis during the "Boat Days" of the late 1800's. When the Steamer ships arrived in port, visitors were greeted and adorned with this most "expensive" and fragrant lei. At the time, this flowered lei cost one dime - a fortune for those days. Hence, the puakenikeni is known as the Ten Cent Flower.

At Lanikai Bath and Body our Puakenikeni Jojoba Spray Lotion is the perfect treat for your summer sun-bathed body. The lotion is light, but the scent is heady and hard not to love.

We also have Puakenikeni natural handmade soap!

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